Wired Magazine: “Around the World: From the Street to Your Kitchen”

Wired Magazine: “Around the World: From the Street to Your Kitchen”

Here’s a fun article I just wrote about street food that was posted on Wired.com today!  Check out the article for recipes you can easily try yourself, find a bunch more on http://www.foodily.com, and if you’re inspired, here are a couple of good cookbooks too:

“The World of Street Food: Easy Quick Meals to Cook at Home” by Troth Wells – http://www.amazon.com/The-World-Street-Food-Quick/dp/1904456502?tag=strx17-20

“Susan Feniger’s Street Food: Irresistibly Crispy, Creamy, Crunchy, Spicy, Sticky, Sweet Recipes” by Susan Feniger – http://www.amazon.com/Susan-Fenigers-Street-Food-Irresistibly/dp/0307952584?tag=strx17-20

If you live in San Francisco don’t miss La Cocina’s upcoming Street Food Festival on Saturday, August 17th http://www.sfstreetfoodfest.com/


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