Adventures of a Fledgling Baker – Part 2

OK so every now and then when I don’t become unfocused, cut corners, lose stamina, get distracted by demanding grade schoolers, persistent email, Houzz, Etsy or any one of 10,000 other issues of varying degrees of urgency tugging for my attention, my ambitious projects actually come together.   Like the time I built a totally functional and zen-like fountain in my house all by myself.  Or like when, um, well that’s actually the only time I can think of right now.

Oh wait – or like when I baked my brother’s wedding cake last weekend and it came out PERFECT.  Like no kidding. Perfect.  Not lopsided.  Not flat.  Not tattered or sloppy.  Not patched together or reconfigured at the last minute at all.  In fact it came out:



So here it is – three tiers – one gluten free.  Creamy white buttercream frosting.  Grosgrain ribbon and piped pearls.  Edible butterflies (from SugarRobot on Etsy).  Artsy topper (from CakeTopperConnection on Etsy).   And yummy.  Yummy.  Really – we just about ate the whole thing!

cake 2


And most importantly of all – my brother and new sister-in-law’s wedding was a lovely affair at my parents’ home on a flawlessly beautiful afternoon with a small gathering of close friends and family.  It was an untraditional, super personal, very special day.  A day to filter out all distractions, be present and revel in the connections that are most important.  Here’s a shot of the dainty flower girls.

Flower girls

(And also did I mention there was cake?)

p.s. Guess what ELSE I did this week!?  I, fledgling baker, made chocolate-chip-coconut-pistachio-cranberry-oatmeal cookies on the spur of the moment for no reason at all!  Gluten free cookies even (you see, I have all this crazy alternative flour now…).  What’s next??


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