If you’re reading this voluntarily (and you’re not some poor conscripted friend or my mom) – WOW THANKS and HELLO!  Welcome to my blog and thanks for hanging out here for a bit.   Here’s a little skinny about who I am and what on earth I am doing here…

I have a lifelong love of travel, food, writing, eating, cooking, music, reading, art, people, dogs, performing arts, and general exploration.  I have been so lucky to visit over 30 countries (so far!!), and in the process I have loved discovering diverse culture, history, beauty and most of all fabulous food.  I have always wanted to find a way to share my experiences and ideas and am SO overdue getting this blog off the ground!!

I started my grown-up path pursuing art history and somehow wended my way into technology and then food. In one of my chapters I was fortunate to work at Williams-Sonoma where I got to immerse myself every day in a world of inspiring culinary ideas and amazing cooks tools.  I left the fast pace of corporate life behind to start the even more frenetic (!) project of creating and raising a family.  Somehow in the rush I still sometimes find time to delight at experiencing the world all over again through their little eyes and taste buds.

A few years ago a very talented friend of mine and I started an event series for SF Bay Area women called Speak To Me (www.speaktomeevents.com).  I have been profoundly inspired by the amazing speakers who have shared their knowledge and advice with us over the years, and by the incredible community of women around me.  Parenthood isn’t always the most intellectually progressive phase of life, and developing this program has forced me to really explore what matters outside my own little sphere.  Sometimes I am brimming with “Important Ideas” but I suspect my 8 year old is not quiiite ready to engage.  So maybe I’ll launch some deep thoughts here every now and then.

I have also had a ball overseeing our food and wine program that brings top chefs, food artisans and winemakers together to showcase their delicious creations at each event.  It usually comes back to food with me in the end…

I am constantly nourished by the warmth, generosity, intelligence and good humor of the people I get to meet throughout the year.  With a dizzying work, home and travel schedule I am always struggling to stay present and carve out moments of appreciation.  I spend my free time envisioning my next meal and who to share it with, plotting far-flung travel adventures with my globetrotting husband, and trying not to get prematurely nostalgic about my rapidly sprouting kids.  Oh – and now blogging!


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