Grand Canyon and Beyond: Great Family Destinations in Northern Arizona

Between us, my husband and I have been to all ends of the earth and almost every continent (Antarctica here we come!), but somehow neither of us had ever visited the Grand Canyon almost in our own back yard.  Why?  Honestly I was sort of avoiding it, thinking it was going to be majorly overcrowded, touristy and underwhelming.  Well, … More Grand Canyon and Beyond: Great Family Destinations in Northern Arizona


Harry Potter and the 10th Birthday Tournament and Ball

Thank you so much great and powerful Internet for helping me throw together a super fun Harry Potter party for my daughter’s 10th birthday.   She is obsessed with those books, and was really hoping all the little details would be authentic.   What did people do before Wikipedia and Pinterest – honestly?   So to pay it … More Harry Potter and the 10th Birthday Tournament and Ball

Rainbow Soup

What do you feed to a group of hungry Brownie Scouts to kick off a meeting about healthy choices?  Rainbow soup of course!  This is a quick fun soup to put together with kids of all ages.  Shelling peas is an easy project for little hands, while older ones can practice their budding knife skills … More Rainbow Soup

Back to School…

It’s about 20 years overdue, but thanks to the enormous (and ultimately self-serving?) support of my family, I am at last attending full-time professional culinary school (doesn’t that sound so official?) this winter. I have loved cooking at home forever, and have been lucky enough to eat a lot of delicious and crazy food all … More Back to School…

Fall Dawn

Is there anything more lovely and gratifying than a weekend away with old friends?  As I’m learning from friendship expert Shasta Nelson this week, “friendships don’t just happen,” they need time, attention and nurturing, and it’s not just a luxury to take time out to connect with each other.  It’s essential to our health, cathartic, … More Fall Dawn

Adventures of a Fledgling Baker – Part 2

OK so every now and then when I don’t become unfocused, cut corners, lose stamina, get distracted by demanding grade schoolers, persistent email, Houzz, Etsy or any one of 10,000 other issues of varying degrees of urgency tugging for my attention, my ambitious projects actually come together.   Like the time I built a totally functional … More Adventures of a Fledgling Baker – Part 2

Considering Couscous

For some reason I am extra loving couscous this summer… Couscous is traditionally a North African product made from crushed durum or semolina wheat, rolled into pellets by hand and steamed in a special steamer called a couscoussiere.  I once had the unforgettable experience of watching the eminent Paula Wolfert hand roll couscous in the … More Considering Couscous