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Nashville: A Long Weekend in Music City

Nashville is a music and food lover’s paradise and that is all there is to it.  We majorly packed it in for 3 days and I think we did some justice to our short window – here’s a few of the … Continue reading

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Tokyo tastes…

Japan has been on my bucket list for a long long long long time, and I thought this post would be all about how I am so happy to have checked that box with our Winter trip last month.  My … Continue reading

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Rainbow Soup

What do you feed to a group of hungry Brownie Scouts to kick off a meeting about healthy choices?  Rainbow soup of course!  This is a quick fun soup to put together with kids of all ages.  Shelling peas is … Continue reading

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Considering Couscous

For some reason I am extra loving couscous this summer… Couscous is traditionally a North African product made from crushed durum or semolina wheat, rolled into pellets by hand and steamed in a special steamer called a couscoussiere.  I once … Continue reading

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