There is never never never enough time to do everything you want to in Paris!  Here are notes from two brief trips with our teens this Spring. SEE: L’Orangerie – I make a pilgrimage to see the Monets every time I am in Paris Fondacion Louis Vuitton – Frank Gehry building in the Bois de … More Paris


VISITING CUBA YES! You can go to Cuba.  Nope, you can’t go on a cruise right now, but the country is NOT closed to Americans and everywhere we visited we were warmly welcomed.  The main goal is not to have your tourist dollars go toward “enriching the Cuban military, security, and intelligence services,” but instead … More Havana

Nicaragua: Land of Lakes and Volcanoes

Two weeks in Nicaragua over the holidays greatly increased our: basic Spanish, sleep mastery (9 hours a night), dedication to Deet, tolerance for creatures sharing our bedroom, surfing skills, enthusiasm for volcanoes, life tally of best sunsets ever, perspective on Nicaraguan politics, and gratitude. CRITTER TALLY: Bats (in our room), howler monkeys, capuchin monkeys, black iguana, geckos (3:00am … More Nicaragua: Land of Lakes and Volcanoes


  How to describe the pristine unspoiled breathtaking beauty of Iceland? Majestic volcanoes and glaciers tower over cliffs and steaming foothills sweeping down to the churning sea past breathtaking waterfalls and rivers of pure glacial melt.  These raw swaths of nature are tempered by picturesque red farmhouses, great fields of purple lupine, diminutive Icelandic horses in a rainbow … More Iceland/Island

Cabo Baby!

I have been vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico since the mid-1990s (old I am!), and have watched it grow from a scruffy spring break party town into a destination for families, retirees, cruise ships, grown up getaways, and yes still party weekends!  You’ll get a lot of differing opinions on what has been gained … More Cabo Baby!

(Sugar) Free Lunch

My dear friend and passionate nutritionist Binay (Bacon & Broccoli) is currently leading a super educational five-week sugar detox program that focuses on getting unhooked from unhealthy eating habits and rehooked on delicious, nutritious whole foods.  Now if you know me, you know I am very resistant to cleansing, fasting, juicing, or pretty much anything that … More (Sugar) Free Lunch

Fall Dawn

Is there anything more lovely and gratifying than a weekend away with old friends?  As I’m learning from friendship expert Shasta Nelson this week, “friendships don’t just happen,” they need time, attention and nurturing, and it’s not just a luxury to take time out to connect with each other.  It’s essential to our health, cathartic, … More Fall Dawn