Adventures of a Fledgling Baker – Part 2

OK so every now and then when I don’t become unfocused, cut corners, lose stamina, get distracted by demanding grade schoolers, persistent email, Houzz, Etsy or any one of 10,000 other issues of varying degrees of urgency tugging for my attention, my ambitious projects actually come together.   Like the time I built a totally functional … More Adventures of a Fledgling Baker – Part 2

Considering Couscous

For some reason I am extra loving couscous this summer… Couscous is traditionally a North African product made from crushed durum or semolina wheat, rolled into pellets by hand and steamed in a special steamer called a couscoussiere.  I once had the unforgettable experience of watching the eminent Paula Wolfert hand roll couscous in the … More Considering Couscous

Hello Calistoga!

We zip through Napa Valley, sunroof wide open, as the highway narrows to a smooth two lanes, bypassing the toniest wineries, the Oakwood grocery, the subtle turnoff to Yountville (hi French Laundry!), wave to the passing wine train!, slow to a crawl through sweet fancy St. Helena, then off again past the imposing CIA at Greystone … More Hello Calistoga!


Hi – Welcome to my new blog!   I am a lifelong lover of food, travel, cooking, culture, art and adventure, and I figured it’s finally time to document and share some of the many things that entertain and inspire me at home and on the road.  Please enjoy and I hope you will share … More Welcome!