Considering Couscous

For some reason I am extra loving couscous this summer… Couscous is traditionally a North African product made from crushed durum or semolina wheat, rolled into pellets by hand and steamed in a special steamer called a couscoussiere.  I once had the unforgettable experience of watching the eminent Paula Wolfert hand roll couscous in the … More Considering Couscous


Hello Calistoga!

We zip through Napa Valley, sunroof wide open, as the highway narrows to a smooth two lanes, bypassing the toniest wineries, the Oakwood grocery, the subtle turnoff to Yountville (hi French Laundry!), wave to the passing wine train!, slow to a crawl through sweet fancy St. Helena, then off again past the imposing CIA at Greystone … More Hello Calistoga!